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"ABI: Tell us about the concept of threads and themes that you incorporate in your work.

MWM:  All of my series share common threads and themes. I use texture to create depth and substance, and I use lines, patterns and shapes to generate energy, movement and flow. The themes are drawn from images found in nature and the human form.

This allows my work to be connected, flow and morph together naturally. For example, my CCG series (Currents, Cycles & Grooves) can be interconnected through texture, energy, movement, color and other themes. It allows me (and my clients) to play with composition and layout to achieve the desired mood or affect by connecting the individual pieces in different arrangements.

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 Art critic, Robert Pincus writes,

“The CCG series is ethereal and absorbing, which evokes a series of prominent sources they include Cy Twombly and Brice Marden”.