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Most of my series can be commissioned for site specific dimensions and color schemes. I'm always open to discuss potential commissions of any size!

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About CCG’s Commissions

CCG is short for “Currents, Cycles & Grooves” a modular series. Waller uses and explores lines in movement, as depicted in her Currents, Cycles and Grooves (CCG) series.  With the CCG series, Margot designs and builds a sequence of individual panels both large and small, she paints layers of color on the surface then she scratches the surface with a sharp point tool to take off the wet paint, in doing this she creates patterns in the underlying colors. The CCG series has grooves on the surface from the thick paint. Patterns of currents of energy and cycles that go in and out, to and fro, push or pull how ever you look at it there is a sort of pulsing energy about them with a color and mood. These pieces are intended to be modular in which enables Margot the versatility to alter the arrangement of her work in response to her mood or to a set given architecture.

About Art image Portraiture Commissions

 One of the major themes of my work has been the human body and the personalities held within. I find that children in particular offer a uniquely fascinating opportunity for artistic expression. Nowhere is the fundamental strength and purity of the human spirit more apparent. I capture and preserve their spirit in a way that has not been done before. While a traditional portrait has its place, I see an opportunity for more, an opportunity to create a contemporary portrait with the longevity and complexity of a true work of art. Through repetition there is power. By working with multiple images, in various combinations, I am able to create an enduring portrayal of my subjects. It is my hope that you too will see the beauty and the innocence and remember what it was like to see through the eyes of a child.

*Art Image Portraitures commissions are custom paintings and pricing varies on the dimensions and other specifications. Please feel free to contact the studio for any general or specific questions. 

*Pricing includes: home consultation for color scheme, style and dimensions and a location photo session.

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