two tone CCG
Betsy's angled CCG
Sushi Gallery CCG Installation
CCG combined
Deanne's CCG set
CCG four set
CCG six set
CCG four set
CCG three set sm
CCG cool water set
CCG Dark Red
CCG Dark Chartreuse
CCG chartruese
CCG two tone set
CCG Sage two tone
Transition, Ebb and Flow expanded
15 ft. "Transition, EBB and Flow expanded" & Margot
CCG Twins
CCG circle within
CCGs 3s
CCG three Horizontals reds
CCG three Horiziontals
CCG three stached
CCG three Horizontals
CCG Blue
CCGs thins
paper 6 sectioned CCG
Ebb and Flow #1
Ebb and Flow #2
Ebb and Flow series  #3
CCGs and Imagery canvas
CCG's with Dark Ava Drape
Ava Drapes with red CCG
Shades of Red
CCG diamonds
Red Pod with GGS;s
Image canvases and CCG canvases
Image canvases with CCG canvas
Image canvases and CCG canvas
CCGs with Dragonfly over Oranges
Combining series
CCGs with Imagery canvas and Ava Drapes
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